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Museum in Burns, OR

museumOard's Gallery & Museum is a Native American art gallery and museum that aims to provide a cultural joyride to its audiences in Burns, OR. When you visit our art exhibit, you will see paintings and drawings that transcend time, sculptures and pottery that showcase the craftsman’s imaginative flair and handcrafted jewelry that emerges from the mind and the soul.

Our works showcase representational Native American artwork. By providing exceptional works of art to the public, we create a sense of empowerment and love for art. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of home decor or you’re looking to entertain your artistic eye, at Oard's Gallery & Museum, you might just find what you were looking for.

Come check out our pieces in person and be amazed by the talent of some of the most profound Native American artists. Contact Oard's Gallery & Museum in Burns, OR, for more information on our free museum. We are a gift shop, gas station and provide agricultural machine repairs.

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